FAST-GRIND Resin Tools


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Discover the brand new FAST-GRIND System!

The FAST-GRIND system has been completely revamped and the tools have undergone a major transformation as well!

  • 12mm Resin diamond for superior lifetime
  • Unique shape with plenty of space between the segments for ideal flow and minimal dirt adhesion
  • Flexible rubber to compensate for unevenness on the floor
  • Magnetic bonding plate for fast and easy diamond replacement
  • Handy colour codes for easy identification of the diamond

How many diamonds do you need?

60 cm frame: 12 tools -> 4 boxes of 3 pieces
75 cm frame: 12 tools -> 4 boxes of 3 pieces
90 cm frame: 24 tools -> 8 boxes of 3 pieces
120 cm frame: 30 tools -> 10 boxes of 3 pieces

2 x 75 frame: 24 tools -> 8 boxes of 3 pieces
2 x 90 frame: 48 tools -> 16 boxes of 3 pieces
2 x 120 frame: 60 tools -> 20 boxes of 3 pieces


  • Preservation of new floor screeds
  • Renovation of existing ground and polished concrete floors
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors


  • Super fast polishing
  • Long service life of diamond tools
  • Very small cost per m² (ask for calculation tables at
  • Compatible with any Power trowel and any brand
  • Limited investment cost

About the FAST-GRIND System

FAST-GRIND is a revolutionary patented system for polishing with a Power trowel. It consists of a frame and a connector (center piece) welded to a traditional butterfly plate, making the system compatible with any machine and easy to use with minimal investment.

The frame is designed with stainless steel and drive plates with a double magnetic click system on which the diamond tools are quickly and easily clicked.


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50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000