• Frame for polishing with Power trowel
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    FAST-GRIND tools

    Fastest, easiest, strongest and most durable concrete polishing system on the market.

    Machine / Application

    Specially developed tools for the FAST-GRIND polishing system to polish concrete floors with a Power trowel.

    Recommended use:

    • Use on floated or sanded concrete.
    • Make sure the floor is clean and free from protruding objects such as bolts and screws.
    • Only for
    • Harden the floor with hardener after grain 100 with IN2-DENSIFY Sodium or Lithium.
    • Use diamond pads grit 1800 and BUFF to get a high gloss.
    • Impregnate the floor to protect against moisture, grease and dirt


    • Exceptional sanding and polishing performance and speeds for large to very large areas,
    • Works on any kind of concrete.
    • Highly flexible system for maximum floor contact.
    • Very strong system for maximum lifetime and minimum cost per m²
    • Exceptionally good tool life resulting in the lowest cost per m² for a quality cream polish finish.

    Available sizes

    • 60cm (4 205mm sanding heads) - 12 segments required per frame
    • 75cm (4 205mm sanding heads) - 12 segments required per frame
    • 90cm (4 sanding heads of 355mm) - 12 or 24 segments per frame
    • 120cm (5 sanding heads of 355mm) - 15or 30 segments per frame


    • Per piece


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    60, 75, 90, 120